As a part of our commitment to having one of the largest die shops under one roof we are always looking for the newest and best technological advances in die making machinery.

Our latest machine acquisitions include our EcoGiant auto bender and our Lasercomb PTS Neo Flat Laser.

The EcoGiant has tailored cartridges designed to produce perf, nicks and cut/crease rule, can work with different thicknesses and heights, and has software that allows us to select and define dies faster and more efficiently than ever before. This innovation means we help our customers increase production speed and get products to market quickly.

The Lasercomb Flat Laser – PTS Neo allows for fast laser engraving of labels, position marking, line numbers, logos and also special engravings on various materials. Starting with the standard equipment for easy wood processing going to high speed engraving, steel cutting, and a laser power up to 3.000 W we have several options to configure the machine according to customer needs. LaserScan offers customers the opportunity to drastically reduce processing time of engraving.  Our software DiePacker which is integrated in the operator interface enables you to combine different cut files in one single file.  This software greatly improves productivity because of the improvement of material utilization and longer runtime of the system without intervention by machine operator.

“We take great pride in staying on the cutting edge of die making innovation,” said Rich Marlin, COO of Jamison. “These machines combined with the ingenuity of our die designers and architects are why we are able to continue to deliver long-lasting dies, on-time and in-full; every time.”