A cut above the competition.

From glass to granite, at Jamison Steel Rule Die we can precision cut almost any material with our two waterjet cutting machines:

  • Non-Abrasive – dedicated machine used for cutting die ejection rubber

  • Abrasive – used for cutting steel plates, specialty projects and materials

Our abrasive waterjet system is new to our ever growing arsenal of manufacturing technology. Used primarily to cut ejection rubber for cutting dies, our waterjets can machine a wide variety of materials including composites, laminates, fiberglass, plastics, rubbers, aluminum, stainless steels, hardened or tool steel, exotic alloys, and heat sensitive materials without stress or distortion.

Waterjet cutting is the most environmentally safe way to precision cut material, and a great alternative for cutting synthetic material that may release harmful vapors when using other methods of cutting. The waterjet does this all without affecting the material properties or the temper, and saves tooling by jetting out shapes with no heat affected zone.

Additionally, waterjet cutting of pre-hardened materials will eliminate secondary machining, heat treating and stress relieving operations. This can help eliminate cleanup and secondary operations from laser, flame-cut or plasma cut parts by waterjet cutting parts to size.

Precision cut any material

Our waterjet machines are capable of quickly cutting any material in any contour from your CAD file with amazing results, including thick, hard to stamp materials, or those which can’t be burned. Cutting marble, granite, glass, tile, diamond plate, ornamental irons, brass, or intricate patterns in brushed or polished stainless steel – whatever the material, we can handle it. And, we can cut parts up to 4’ x 8’ x 6” deep. Waterjet cutting is a great alternative for short run items and prototyping.

Contact JSRD today at (615) 893-5234 to learn more about our waterjet cutting capabilities, or to speak with our experts about your specific cutting die needs.