Cutting to the chase – our rotary dies are the best around.

For nearly 50 years, Jamison Steel Rule Die has produced long lasting rotary cutting dies for the corrugated industry, as well as generated rotary dies for plastic corrugated and fiberglass applications. Our rotary cutting dies are designed to handle corrugated cardboard from standard E flute to heavy duty, triple wall corrugated thicknesses.

Unlike many of our competitors, JSRD has numerous sized rotary die cylinders that allows us to knife any diameter rotary die in the marketplace.  We can create standard 66 (19 3/16”) and non-standard rotary die dimensions from 7” – 27.25” in house including:

  • 7″

  • 9.5″

  • 10 1/8″

  • 10 5/8″

  • 11 5/8″

  • 14 3/16″

  • 19 3/16″

  • 25 1/2″

  • 26 1/4″

  • 27 1/4″

rotary die cylinders

Having multiple rotary die cylinders for in-house die manufacturing eliminates the guesswork of cutting accuracy before it reaches the customer. You can count on JSRD for expert die consultation, fast turnaround, and some of the most performant rotary cutting dies in the business.

No Glue Rubber

Our patent pending no glue ejection rubber pushes through a hole & locks into place on the die board, eliminating the safety hazard of superglue. Die cut operators can repair presses on site mid run without glue, reducing repair time because dies do not have to be shipped for re-rubbering.

Our no glue rubber can be used with any material, without distorting or dimpling. And, it lasts longer than glued ejection rubber, given that:

Glued rubber can compress up to 70%
No glue rubber compresses roughly 30%

no glue rubber

HS3 – High Speed Sure Strip

Our innovative HS3 cutting die uses no-glue rubber and ensures 100% strip of residual scrap — resulting in a cleaner finished product without dimpling.

HS3 runs up to 40% faster and requires less die pressure, dramatically reducing wear and tear on die cutting machinery and die ejection rubber.

HS3 cutting die logo

HS3 die

Making the Cut

When you order a steel rule die from JSRD, we test standard 66” rotary cutting dies on press to ensure cutting accuracy and send the final approved die with a cut product sample. We also build hand samples for non-standard rotary dies to quality check cuts, folds and proper case erection prior to shipping.

Our rotary cutting dies are designed to work with major die cutting press equipment like:

  • Bobst DRO

  • Ward

  • Posilock

  • Langston Flexo

  • Serrapid

  • EVOL

  • Isowa Falcon

Industry Leaders Using JSRD Dies:

Contact JSRD today at (615) 893-5234 to discuss your specific rotary cutting die needs.