Cut out for the job.  Any job.

We believe quality and service work hand in hand and we take great pride in our client relationships.  Our customers rely on us for careful, critical design and project management of their dies whether they come with a die design that just needs fabrication or they want to start from scratch.

As an industry leader in steel rule cutting dies, we provide comprehensive cutting die services and a consultative approach to ensure accuracy and speed in die production.  It is our job to closely monitor all projects and provide insight and information to make all of our dies top performers.

Cutting Die Services:

Steel Rule Processing

We have 9 rule processing machines to create custom rule from 2 pt – 6 pt, and up to 4” tall. Our steel rule is edge hardened for extra-long life.


laser cutting

Laser Cutting

4 Lasercomb lasers at our 60,000 sq ft facility include 1 rotary, 1 flat/rotary combo, and 2 flat laser machines, able to burn seamless die boards up to 84″ x 240″.


Our abrasive and non-abrasive waterjet cutting machines can handle a wide variety of materials like plastic, rubber, fiberglass, steel and exotic metals.


die supplies

Die Supplies

We’re your one stop shop for die supplies like steel rule, ejection rubber, punches, embossing letters, rule benders, cutters, notchers and more.


In addition to steel rule processing and laser and waterjet cutting, we offer expert die consultation, fast turnaround, and some of the most performant cutting dies in the industry.

Contact the die cutting experts at JSRD today at (615) 893-5234 to learn more about our cutting die services or to request a custom quote.