Laser focused on precision cutting.

At Jamison Steel Rule Die we have multiple precision laser cutting machines to ensure fast die turnaround. Having the latest cutting technology and equipment means greater speed and accuracy, tighter tolerances and long-lasting dies for our customers.

To ensure extreme accuracy on all die types we have four laser cutting machines including:

  • One (1) Lasercomb flat laser

    • Our Lasercomb flat lasers are capable of burning a seamless die board up to 84″ x 96″.
  • One (1) Lasercomb rotary die laser

    • Our rotary laser features a milling unit that simplifies milling processes on the shell surfaces and provides uniform depth across varying wood thicknesses, reducing man hours and enabling us to build custom rotary dies even faster.
  • One (1) Lasercomb rotary/flat combo die laser

Having the capability to burn a large seamless die board this size allows us to fabricate custom automotive dies with no splices in the wood so that die strength is not compromised. A laser burned cutting die is far stronger and more accurate than a hand jigged die, as the top grade of die board used for burning is stronger and holds rule tighter than conventional die wood.

We meet the closest of tolerances in the automotive and corrugated industries.

In addition to custom laser cutting of die boards, we can also laser cut plexiglas, Rayform, steel and a vast variety of other materials with complete precision. Following a solid cutting die design, the quality of the actual die begins here.

Contact JSRD today at (615) 893-5234 to learn more about our laser cutting capabilities for flat and rotary dies or request a custom quote.