Proven expertise out of the box.

JSRD is a leading provider of flat cutting dies and rotary cutting dies to the corrugated industry. Our corrugated cutting dies are built to withstand high volume production runs and used to cut paper from E flute to heavyweight triple wall thicknesses for a wide variety of end products such as:

  • Pizza boxes

  • Moving & storage boxes

  • Product packaging

  • Shipping containers

  • Inter-pack

  • Printed displays

corrugated cutting dies

We’ve been working in the corrugated industry for decades. As experts in corrugated cutting dies and the die fabrication industry, we’re ready to turn your problems into solutions to get you to market quickly and efficiently.  We do this with the help of our technical experts who will follow your project from design to finished die as well as through having the latest and greatest in die making equipment to ensure accurate cutting thousands of times over.

A solution waiting to happen:

Our dedicated sales team is a key advantage for clients of JSRD. Having started out in the business as die makers, they’ve learned every aspect of the corrugated cutting process and how to effectively troubleshoot problems on press including where it happens, why it happens, what to do about it, how to handle various factors like weather, humidity, working with recycled paper, and much more. They’ve seen it all, and provide amazing technical consulting in the field as to how a particular corrugated application or material will run on your machine.

We welcome a challenge – bring us your problem dies and let us generate a custom solution for you!

  • Custom perforations? We have in-house equipment to make them.

  • Rolling score? We can address material and machinery to make crisp folds.

  • Problems with crushing? Our cutting dies protect your corrugated product.

  • Skewing glue fold? We’ll ensure your box or packaging has a perfect square.

  • Fracturing liner? We have solutions for recycled paper & liner crack prevention.

Industry Leaders Using JSRD Dies:

Contact JSRD today at (615) 893-5234 to speak with us about flat and rotary corrugated cutting dies or to request a quote.