Custom cuts for any need. In no time flat.

Jamison Steel Rule Die brings decades of experience in building long lasting flat cutting dies for the corrugated industry. We also build custom flat dies for carpet/textile, plastic, foam and rubber cutting applications in the automotive industry.

Our Lasercomb flat lasers are capable of burning an 84″ x 240″ seamless die board. This is particularly beneficial for producing large dies for the Automotive Industry. A laser burned die is far stronger and more accurate die than a hand jigged one. Additionally, the top grade of die board used for burning is stronger and holds rule tighter than conventional die wood. This solid foundation is one factor in the longevity of our dies. The precision of the laser is unmatched. We can, and do meet the closest of tolerances in the corrugated and automotive industry. After a solid design, the quality of the actual die begins here.

Flat Die Options


We frequently have clients with parts to cut that are very similar (right & left, for example). We are able to build a base die design with an easily removable insert that allows them to cut multiple parts with one tool – saving them both time and money.


JSRD can create custom heat seal dies using rayform (a high temperature substrate) to cut and seal 3M thinsulate materials. Heat seal dies are frequently used with thermoforming applications like blister packaging for retail products.


For cutting applications which require manual alignment and see through visibility, we can make cutting dies with a plexiglass base. An effective alternative to wood die board, plexiglass cutting dies are a lightweight alternative to forged dies.

Our flat cutting dies are designed to work with major die cutting press equipment like:

  • Bruno

  • Bobst with strippers

  • Cauche

  • Ttarp

  • Schwabe

  • Preco

  • Roller Press

JSRD can build custom flat cutting dies of any size including standard 48″ x 60″ die boards. We also stock 84″ x 96″ die boards and can build flat dies with up to 4″ rule for cutting thicker materials.

Industry Leaders Using JSRD Dies:

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