Great dies start at the design.

The ultimate success of a steel rule cutting die begins at the design and engineering phase. Our experienced team provides the highest quality cutting die design for your die cutting needs whether you’re looking for a full-scale CAD design or if you’ve already got your file and design in mind.

Our CAD designers are highly experienced die engineers with an average of 20 years each in the die industry. We know what works and what doesn’t on press. We are familiar with wide assortment of die cutting machines, materials and processes, and use this knowledge to not only provide the longest lasting cutting die design, but often eliminate problems before they occur to save you time and money. Dies are designed to run at optimum performance with excellent durability.

Accuracy is a given.

This is crucial because poorly constructed CAD files will not work well on automatic rule bending equipment and can be problematic as a result of gaps in lines, arcs that do not intersect straight lines, overlapping lines, poorly digitized files or files that have been improperly converted from graphics programs.

Our experienced die engineers have decades of die making and design knowledge, and use this experience to catch potential problems before they occur, saving you time and money.

We pride ourselves on being experts at cutting die design and expert problem solvers. It’s that expertise combined with the collaborative relationship we have with our customers that ensures the greatest value and quality of our dies. We can a design custom die to cut any kind of material or part, regardless of complexity. From various materials that may require a special Teflon coated rule to temperature modifications or even having a high concentration of rule in one area – we have the capacity and expertise to handle it.

die cutting cad engineering

At Jamison Steel Rule Die, we have several CAD software packages and can translate virtually any format CAD file to produce our customer’s dies. These programs allow us to produce dies with consistent accuracy and at a high rate of speed. We can also provide detailed CAD drawings upon request, as well as full size Mylar drawings and samples cut on our cutting table. Our cutting die design process includes a detailed work order that identifies specific machines, materials, and process information like bolt pattern, scrap, stripping etc., as applicable according to customer specifications.

die cutting cad design

Whether you have an exact specification for output, need a second opinion, aren’t sure how to cut a certain material, or looking to improve a particular cutting process, JSRD can help.

Call us at (615) 893-5234 for more information on our cutting die design services or to request a custom quote.