Driving automotive die success.

JSRD is a leading provider of custom automotive cutting dies to several tier 1 automotive manufacturers & equipment suppliers. Our flat cutting dies and rotary cutting dies are used to cut materials like rubber, vinyl, fabric, carpet, plastic, foam, asphalt, urethanes, nylon and more for a wide variety of automotive products such as:

  • Liners

  • Floor mats

  • Trunk mats

  • Gaskets & seals

  • Seat foam

  • Asphalt sound deadening

automotive die cut parts

Jamison dies are king of the road.

Our cutting edge Lasercomb flat lasers are capable of burning a seamless die board up to 84″ x 240″, with tolerances within a thousandth of an inch.

Having the capability to burn a large seamless die board this size allows us to fabricate custom automotive cutting dies with no splices in the wood so that die strength is not compromised. A laser burned cutting die is far stronger and more accurate than a hand jigged die, as the top grade of die board used for burning is stronger and holds rule tighter than conventional die wood.

In addition to laser accurate die boards, our state-of-the-art autobending machines can run extremely long continuous rule with joints, creating a better, more performant cutting die. We can also build heat seal dies for thermoforming applications or dies with inserts which allows the cost saving fabrication of multiple parts using one tool.

Precision and performance.

We have all of the necessary equipment and expertise to build dies for large and small automotive parts and provide fast turnaround. From floor mats to asphalt sound deadening tiles – we can build custom automotive dies to meet any need.

We have been building custom automotive dies for years. Our die engineers can help you determine the best type of rule profile for a particular press or cutting application, and the best type of packing to eject based on material, thickness, process, etc. Our automotive dies are fully tested and press ready – on time and in full – every time.

Industry Leaders Using JSRD Dies:

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