Fundamental for fiberglass.

JSRD is a leading provider of rotary cutting dies and flat cutting dies used for fiberglass materials and applications. Our dies are used to cut sheet and rolled fiberglass for a wide variety of end products such as:

  • Water heater insulation & jacketing

  • HVAC unit insulation & parts

  • Automotive insulation

  • Weather stripping, roofing and building materials

  • Acoustic & vibration dampening materials

  • Filtration media

  • Electronic components

fiberglass cutting dies for fiberglass materials

Thermal insulation

Many of our fiberglass cutting dies are used with stamping presses like Bruno, Preco and Ttarp to custom cut fiberglass equipment liners to reduce thermal transfer and improve efficiency. JSRD can fabricate kiss cut dies (for adhesive backed liners), aluminum heat seals dies or cold seal dies (pressure only) to form and seal any custom shape, including irregular forms for HVAC & industrial heating equipment, automotive insulation applications and more.

Sound & vibration dampening

Fiberglass is used in a wide variety of acoustic and vibration dampening applications. JSRD can build custom fiberglass cutting dies for acoustic barriers used to reduce noise from motors, generators and pumps, cutting insulation blankets and covers for HVAC, process piping, pumps, valves and compressors, and make vibration absorbers to dampen and reduce (or isolate) reverberant noise in sheet metal and other OEM parts.

Industry Leaders Using JSRD Dies:

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