One golden rule: Make the best dies.

Most all of the steel rule inserted in our dies is formed using Mechanical Rule Processors. These rule processors are computer driven using the same CAD file as those used by laser cutters. This ensures a perfect fit when the steel is inserted into the die board. The Rule Processors play a key role in accuracy and production time. We are able to produce dies in a fraction of the time as opposed to manufacturing each piece by hand. Processed rule is another important factor in the longevity and overall performance of our dies. Our latest editions include two 6pt rule processors. This is just another example of how we are able to meet the demands of the ever changing industry.

  • (2) Adam’s Automatic rule benders

  • (2) Rotax benders

  • (3) Data Technology rule processors

  • (2) EcoGiant rule processors

We currently have nine rule processors in operation, including two new CAD driven autobending machines which provide complete precision in the shape creation process of notching, bending and cutting. We also employ staff of dedicated die makers with years of experience in steel rule die manufacturing to make sure each and every tool is built to exact specifications.

Highest Quality Steel Rule

At Jamison Steel Rule Die we use highest quality cutting die materials available today. From 2 pt – 6 pt, and up to 4” tall, our steel rule is “edge hardened” for extra-long life, but flexible enough to withstand cracking under pressure. When extra pressure is needed to compensate for anvil cover wear our rule will perform longer. We see many competitors using a cheaper rule that is not edge hardened and is more subject to cracking – which results in more frequent re-ruling, more down time on press, and lost revenues. Using the highest quality materials for steel rule processing, our dies outlast our competition.

edge hardened steel rule

Contact JSRD today to learn more about our steel rule processing and cutting die fabrication services. We offer expert die consultation, fast turnaround, and some of the most technologically advanced cutting dies in the industry.

Given our size, capabilities and industry reputation, we’re also a beta vendor testing site for several leading equipment and material manufacturers.  This gives us a technological advantage as we are testing equipment, materials, processes & technology before any of it sees the light of day in the market. These beta tests allow us to learn and practice the latest advances in die equipment and technology and find ways to use them to better serve our customers.

As you can see – we aren’t kidding when we say we one of the largest die shops in the Southeast under one roof. Our equipment and breadth of capabilities are why clients like GE, General Mills and Amazon continue to trust Jamison Steel Rule Die for their cutting dies.

Contact JSRD today at (615) 893-5234 to learn more about our steel rule processing and cutting die fabrication services.