Where the rubber meets the die.

Correct placement, height and amount of die ejection rubber can make or break the performance of a cutting die. Due to the vast variety of flat and rotary cutting die designs and corrugated flute combinations, we approach rubber placement for each die differently. Through information we learn through research and working closely with customers, we use this knowledge to continuously train our employees so that they may better understand actual problems on press.

Improved die performance

Based on the operating environment we expertly apply the proper placement and amount of die ejection rubber. We know the amount of relief needed per product based on intimately understanding and evaluating  various materials, processes, and press tonnage.

Since a die cuts contain many different sized pieces in an individual project, balance is imperative. Considering that ejection force should be equal for each sized piece in the die – larger areas need harder rubber and smaller areas need softer rubber. This balance ensures that ejection forces are similar, regardless of area size. A balanced die is an accurate die and at Jamison, we apply our knowledge of die ejection rubber placement and die balance to every project we design and complete for our customers.

One Million Cuts

At JSRD, we use top quality dieprene rubber that withstands countless high volume production runs. We have a state of the art waterjet laser cutter specifically dedicated to cutting ejection rubber for cutting dies – a must for many dies that require 100% stripping. After the completion of the rubbering process, we run a sample proof on one of two sample die cutters.

sample cutting & die ejection rubber testing


Our patent pending no glue die ejection rubber pushes through a hole & locks into place on the die board, eliminating the safety hazard of superglue. Die cut operators can repair presses on site mid run without glue, reducing repair time because dies do not have to be shipped for re-rubbering.

Our no glue rubber can be used with any material, without distorting or dimpling. And, it lasts longer that glued ejection rubber, given that:

Glued rubber can compress up to 70%
No glue rubber compresses roughly 30%

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