The best cut – a million times over.

A well-engineered die can mean the difference between 1,000 cuts and a million cuts or more.  At Jamison Steel Rule Die we use a stringent 7 Point Quality Control process and a computerized project management system to make sure all of our dies work their hardest and longest for our customers.

From design to delivery, every single cutting die manufactured at JSRD is subject to a rigorous system of checks and rechecks in the various stages in the die manufacturing process. When a die passes a particular stage like engineering, die board laser cutting, rule processing or ejection rubber placement, it’s moved onto the next. If it doesn’t – it stays until any and all issues are fully resolved before it can advance. We have supervisors who manage and review each and every phase in the fabrication process, with the final point in our QC process performed by a general supervisor who closely reviews the completed die and the information from each stage to make the final determination if the die is ready to ship.

Our die manufacturing and QC phases include:

  • New order consulting

  • CAD file design & engineering review

  • Laser die board cutting

  • Steel rule processing

  • Die construction (knife, ruler, etc.)

  • Ejection rubber placement

  • Product testing/final QC

die manufacturing qc process

Critical project management by die industry experts

Our teams have a passion for problem solving and can handle projects of any size, sophistication and complexity. You can have confidence you’ll get the cutting die you want exactly to spec.

Our computerized project management system is another way we have oversight into all die manufacturing projects in our warehouse.  This system allows us to track the die progress in every stage of the project as well as see which designers, project managers, engineers to manage and track their progress as well.  It also ensures clear communication throughout the entire die making process about the intended operating environment and any special instructions for the die.

We are with your die every step of the way until it’s out the door.

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Jamison Steel Rule Die is our ability to provide top level service for all of our customers, big and small.  We employ highly skilled die design and technical specialists – across a variety of tenures.  We have employees with over 20 years of experience who train and support our up and coming stars to ensure they work collaboratively and use their collective expertise to provide the best die solution for you, with you.

Contact JSRD today at (615) 893-5234 to discuss your cutting die needs or to request a custom quote.